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Faith Christian Ministry Church offers Marriage Therapy, Temperament Counseling, as well as Premarital Therapy and Grief Service in Richmond, VA. Please call (866)720-5321 or e-mail at

Matrimonial & Family Counsel/Temperament Counseling

As you plan your wedding ceremony, we offer counseling to you and your mate about the  LOVE/JOY/SERIOUSNESS that marriage entails. Our counseling covers spiritual and non-spiritual issues, as you grow together with God's Love.


Couples seeking marriage in the tri-city areas of the state of Virginia can call us to discuss the details of the wedding. We do many different kinds of weddings, including those where the couple write their own vows. We are Non-profit, in the state of Virginia.

We give 6 premarital counseling session one hour each, and a month at the most before the wedding for counseling. 

In person, 3 - way telephone or webcam. Before the wedding, one wedding rehearsal for 2 hours or less. Officiate the wedding and premarital counseling for a donation. Thank you, and God Bless!

Pastor in the tri-city areas of the state of Virginia. 

We are Non-Profit, in the state of Virginia, for a donation which will go into our ministry for the needy.  

Thank you and  Blessings! 

Telephone Number  (866-720-5321) 

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