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Our Pastor

Rev. Dr. M. J. Peterson-Omotola, M. Div.

Pastor of Faith Christian Ministry Non-denominational Church Inc.

866-720-5321 FREE) email- info@faithchristianministry.net

License Clinical Pastoral Counselor-AC,Ph.D.

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  • Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Christian Counseling with a Minor in Christian Education, Magna Cum Laude.
  • Master in Counseling /Divinity.
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration.
  • Further study at Samuel D. Proctor School of Theology, Virginia Union University.
  • Drug & Alcohol Treatment Specialist Diploma, Certification. in Eating Disorders. 
  • Pastoral counseling, focus on Spirituality, Seeking God's Will Biblical, Ministry with a Holistic approach. Trauma and Emotions, Shame, Temperament  Counseling, Co-dependent, Substance Abuse, Alcohol, Drugs, Cognitive, Anger, Stress, Gestalt, Behavior Modification, Client-Centered, Individual, Couples, Premarital, and Family Therapy, Marriage Therapy, Divorce/Blended Marriage, Marriage Burnout. Loneliness, Releasing Stress, Burnout's, Frustration, and Anxiety. Self-Care, and Self-Esteem, and Grieving- Counseling. Coping Skills, Relationship Issues, Men & Women Issues, Mood Disorders, Career Counseling.

Work Experience

  • U.S. Army/Government Washington, D.C. (RTE.)
  • Prior employment includes Counselor for, The Boy's Home.  Depression, Anger, Grief, Anxiety, Mental Health/Hygiene/Substance Abuse. Providing counseling services to residents on a daily basis for stress management in Richmond, VA. 
  • Formal Director of F.C.M. Group Home, for rooming, and boarding, medical and mental health counseling referral services, anger, frustration, depression, family, stress management, anger management, and other issues for wellness, Chesterfield, VA. 
  • Formal Pastor of 2 churches. 
  • Current, Pastor of Faith Christian Ministry Non-denominational Church. (Online or Office Counseling) Providing spiritual care, teaching, preaching, pastoral care, and counseling services. 

Community Service

  • Formal and Local Volunteer, giving Counseling and Spiritual Care at the JAIL, in the state of VA.
  • Formal Chaplain at the hospital in the state of VA.,on-call at other hospitals. 
  • Chairperson,  for Human Rights, Anger Management, Depression, Committee.
  • Instructor for Training for Out Reach Ministry, Faith Christian Ministry.
  • Board of Director, and Advisor for Assisted/Living Committee. 
  • Board of Director for Ministries, Chesterfield, VA. 
  • Secretary for the Conference of Church Ministry.
  • Advisor for The District Minister’s Conference.
  • Coordinator for The Spiritual Adult Care Center.
  • Advisor for Rooming and Boarding Houses.

Personal Information

Wife of  Elder D. Omotola. Resides in Chesterfield, County VA. Hobbies include chess, cooking, golfing, traveling, and reading. Preaching and working with ministries is my calling from God. I am drawn to and passionate about the support; I give to the charitable organizations.